The SynCorp Saga (Series 1)

When Earth Is on the Brink...

At the end of the 21st century, climate change has wrought havoc across the planet. Governments, overwhelmed by desperate, constantly migrating populations, turn to industrial innovators to save them. But the New Earther cult has its own agenda...

The Lazarus Protocol (Book 1)

The cover of The Lazarus Protocol.

When climate change becomes climate crisis... In the not-too-distant future, humanity struggles to survive against a planet gone mad. 

Cassandra's War (Book 2)

The cover for Cassandra's War.

 The New Earthers have weaponized the weather against the rest of humanity: monster hurricanes, massive dust storms, bomb cyclones... Can they be stopped?  

Hostile Takeover (Book 3)


 Cassandra Station is space dust. While the Council plans corporate conquest, an unlikely Neo leader emerges. And General Graves gets sucked into a new impossible mission. 

SynCorp Saga (Series 2) Starring Stacks Fischer

SynCorp Has Saved Humanity ... But Not Everyone Is Happy

Thirty years after the Company saved humanity from extinction, the Syndicate Corporation is running the solar system like a well-oiled machine. But Cassandra and her Soldiers of the Solar Revolution think the species deserves better...

Valhalla Station (Book 1)


Harmony. Security. Obedience. SynCorp saved Earth from climate catastrophe. Now its citizens work the Sol system, cradle to grave. Some call that slavery. But does mankind really want to be freed?  

Masada's Gate (Book 2)


Revolution. Freedom. Betrayal. Determined to end SynCorp, Cassandra attacks across Sol. Securing Masada Station’s tech secrets will ensure victory. But Stacks Fischer and others stand in her way… 

Serpent's Fury (Book 3)


The decisive battle for the soul of mankind has yet to be won. Earth, the same planet that birthed SynCorp, becomes the final battlefield for the Company’s survival. Who will choose the future of humanity? 

Stacks Fischer Solo Stories

The Erkennen Job (Short Story)


Tracking a renegade scientist to the rundown lunar colony of Darkside, Stacks faces down marshals, gunfights Erkennen operatives, and discovers  game-changing tech threatening to topple Tony Taulke from power... 

Optional Retirement Plan (Novel)


Stacks Fischer was SynCorp's most-feared enforcer for decades. Now he’s losing his mind to dementia, and the Company opts to retire him—permanently. But Stacks chooses an optional retirement plan...