Tarantula (First Swarm War 0)

This pre-First Swarm War tale finds the heroines of that series—Addison Halsey and Samantha Avery—on a training mission at the academy. They and their fellow cadets find a crashed Russian vessel, the Tarantula. And something's just not right...

Gettysburg (B-Company 1)

My first novella set in Michael Bunker's PENNSYLVANIA finds a heroic, wisecracking company of TRACE commandos trying to secure a facility full of precious okcillium. But they're not just fighting for the okcy...they're fighting for freedom from the despotic Transport Authority. Also included in the complete Tales of B-Company.

Susquehanna (B-Company 2)

This follow-up to Gettysburg finds Bestimmung Company teaming up with the mysterious Wild Ones to steal weapons from under the Transport Authority's nose in the bastion known as the City. Also included in the complete Tales of B-Company.

Columbia (B-Company 3)

Following the daring raid on the Authority's Armory, B-Company's beloved captain, Mary Brenneman, is held prisoner. Ignoring orders, Hatch and Stug go AWOL to rescue her even as rumors spread of a Final Solution by Transport—an okcillium bomb—meant to vaporize the City and everyone in it. Also included in the complete Tales of B-Company.

Short Stories

Gelassenheit (B-Company 0)

The story of Mary Brenneman, the beloved captain of Bestimmung Company and how, as a little girl, she came to hate the Transport Authority.  Also included in the complete Tales of B-Company

Unconditional: A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse

What would the zombie apocalypse look like from the perspective of the family dog? When a loyal pup loses his boy, he embarks upon an odyssey to find him. Also included in the collection Tails of the Apocalypse.

The French Deception: A Short Story of Alternate History

A letter is discovered in the French archives in the waning days of World War II that threatens to sunder the Allies—the true story of Lincoln and the American Civil War. Also included in the collection Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy.

Grey: A Tale of Epic Fantasy

Humans and dragons have been enemies for eons. After Amanda stumbles into the cave of Grey, the last dragon, and forms a warm friendship with him, that seems about to change. And then the Bane come... Also included in the collection The Dragon Chronicles.