Tales of B-Company: The Complete Collection

A company of wise-cracking commandos fight for freedom in Michael Bunker's bestselling, dystopic, Amish Sci-Fi world of PENNSYLVANIA.

The Lazarus Protocol (SynCorp Saga 1)

When climate change becomes climate crisis... In the not-too-distant future, humanity struggles to survive against a planet gone mad.

Cassandra's War (SynCorp Saga 2)

The New Earthers have weaponized the weather against the rest of humanity: monster hurricanes, massive dust storms, bomb cyclones... Can they be stopped? 

The Serenity Strain 1: Stormbreak

The first book in The Serenity Strain: A demoness driven by desire assaults Houston, Texas, with multiple hurricanes, opening a rift to our reality from her own realm. 

The Serenity Strain 2: Ironheart

The heroes of book 1 continue their battle with the Lady, Marsten, and the rest of the psychopaths bent on destroying the city of Houston and our very reality.

Shadows Burned In

Shadows of generational abuse hang over a father and his daughter in this family saga--as much as Old Suzie's house down the street haunts their home town.